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07: Brian Leonard: Be friends with engineering with open source Martech

There's a lot lost when we think of marketers and engineers as separate things and not the organization as a whole. The right thing to do is engage with the engineers that power your marketing tech stack. And meet them where they are. Open source martech can help with that.

06: The best email program you'll ever build

The most engaged email program you'll ever build is a 5-day email course, and the best part is you won't have to write any new content.

05: Lauren Sanborn: Happiness at the intersection of sales & marketing

Lauren Sanborn is a force of nature. She’s a world class marketing ops professional who’s accomplished amazing things. She’s currently Director of Revenue Operations at CallRail. In this episode, Lauren dives deep into the intersection of sales and marketing, what both professions need to know about the other, how to get both talking in the same language and how do you foster great communication as a RevOps leader.

04: Handwriting makes better digital marketers

We need to seek more opportunities to get away from our screens and skillfully practice our craft. Handwriting is the perfect way to become a better digital marketer.

03: Why you need a computer sign-in sheet

Don't let your tools control you; use your tools with care, deliberate intent, and purpose. It seems counterintuitive but by having a computer sign in sheet, you can improve your productivity and break cycles of unproductive distracted web surfing.

02: The right questions can get you a job

The right questions can get you a job. The most important part of an interview is not to be prepared for what they will ask, but rather making sure you ask the right questions to determine if you'll be happy. Too many people change jobs and realize quickly that the grass isn't always greener. There are ways to evaluate this and limit it's chance of happening.

01: Why you're better off being an individual contributor

You don't want to manage people and will be happier as an IC. If you still want to manage, we'll tell you how to be a great manager.

Official Trailer - Welcome to The Humans of Martech

Our mission is to future-proof the humans behind the tech so you can have a successful career in marketing. Here's a quick preview of the show.

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